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Meet Kate Danpae 

Fashion Jewelry Designer | Owner @danpaejewelry

Kate Danpae, fashion jewelry designer

By transforming thoughts into reality and bringing projects into action my jewelry is designed then physically made by me and my magic little team of skilled Craftsmen and Artisans.

Danpae designs are full of colorful blossoms, butterflies, dragonflies and a variety of adorable insects/animals. In many cultures the butterfly and dragonfly are recognized as a symbol of luck.

Fairy Tales and Princess images are behind the major part of our design styles. I want to bring the “Game Of Thrones” to life for my clients. Wearing my exclusive jewelry, my clients will feel like they are reigning over their own very special Fairy Land.

Innovative design is key to my modern fashion statement, made specially for my sophisticated clients.

Our jewelry is inspired by the beauty of nature that Mother Earth has given us, therefore we use a lot remarkable natural materials.

My goal of creating unique and exclusively handmade artistic jewelry pieces is to accentuate each woman’s individual natural beauty. Even if you don’t wear the jewelry all the time you will always feel special just knowing you have such a finely-crafted piece of art ready to wear when you possess them.

There can be a Miracle appearing everyday in our life, it is the way we interpret our days. There is beauty everywhere. It depends on how we look at things and how grateful we are. Everyone can touch Heaven. It is here, on Earth!


Unique Handcrafted Art Jewelry Designs

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